Engine Rebuilding

Engine Rebuilding :

Jeep-Dodge-Parts, your partner in Engine Rebuilding.

Craftsmanship according to today’s standards!

The machine-shop work is outsourced to a local firm that delivers high-quality work within a very short time-span. Up-to-date machines (CNC) are used to bore-hone-resurface engine-blocks. Crankshafts are cut to the exact size for main and connecting-rod bearings. Crankshaft bearing-caps are resurfaced and the bearing-caps are line-drilled to the exact specification. Engine-machining is done within a couple of days.

The machines that are used in the process are never older than one year. To make sure the tolerances are limited to the absolute minimum.

And this is all done for optimal prices.

Would you like your engine rebuild, with (at least) a full year warranty? Please contact us!