Our Workshop

Our workshop.

Jeep-Dodge-Parts is, next to having the most user friendly webshop, specialist in rebuilding military engines and partly and full body-off restorations.

Engine Rebuilding

Our Engine Rebuilding service is one of the best available. Most of the disassemble- and assembly work is done in our own workshop. The mechanical work is mostly oursourced to a specialist firm that handles over 20.000 engines per year. This firm uses ultra modern machinery for drilling, honing and resurfacing engine parts. State of the art measuring devices are used to be able to address the work that needs to be done to a very high standard. We have chosen to outsource this part of the rebuild to be able to deliver high quality engines within a very short time-span. Engines are stripped back to bare metal, and internally cleaned of all oil and grease. After the mechanical work is done, engines are primed in special engine primer and eventually painted in the correct period paintscheme.

Engine rebuiling requires oil, sealant, paint and grease. We have also chosen this specific firm to do this work for us as they use the most environment friendly products.

We are also able to remove the engine from your vehicle, rebuild it, and reassemble your vehicle with a full rebuild engine.

We are proud to say that we deliver one of the best rebuilding services available and that is why we supply our engines with a full year warranty.

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Military Vehicles are available in many forms and shapes. All in different states. We offer a full restoration service for our customers. We have restored several unique vehicles in the past. Jeeps/Dodges/M8’s even motorcycles and so on.

Vehicles that we restore are treaded as our own vehicles. No corners are cut, high quality products are used (or the original products are saved) to get the best end result that is possible.

Even customers that do not own a vehicle come to us. We search within and outside of our own network for available (project) vehicles and advise our clients. This way we help our customers to make their dreams a reality.

Please contact us for more information about the services we supply.