Maintenance and Restoration

To keep your Jeep, Dodge, GMC or any other military vehicle rolling, it needs regular maintenance. Using the correct tools with years of experience, we can keep your vehicle in optimal condition. Next to maintenance we repair issues, update your vehicle using new and better products. In our own vintage workshop, against decent prices.

We can even collect and return your vehicle.

We also do full body-off rebuild/restorations. Parts will be carefully inspected, media blasted and painted using modern rust-preventing paint-solutions. Bodywork is done in our own workshop using high-quality reproduction replacement panels. Mig/tig- and spot-welding is used to replace panels to factory correct specifications. Lead is used to fill seams if needed. We do not use any form of body-filler as it was not used by the factory. Our customers can choose between restoring keeping as much of the original as possible or by simply replacing panels with reproduction items. These items are produced to standard factory specifications. All technical parts are rebuild in-house or outsourced to specialists. Electrical circuits are mostly replaced by reproduction wiring harnesses that are an exact copy of the original that last a lifetime. Our customers can choose how the vehicle is rebuild, what colors to use, what markings to put on and what products to use or replace. Digital high-resolution images are taken during the restoration and displayed online in our restoration diary. These images will be supplied on USB-stick when we deliver the vehicle to the customer.

Fully rebuild/restored vehicles are delivered with a freeĀ one year periodic maintenance plan.

Please feel free to contact us about your military vehicle. We can make your dreams come true.