Willys MB Groups

Please select one of the following groups to view the corresponding interactive exploded view:

Group 05 Cooling System
Radiator Assembly
Group 06 Electrical System
Generator Assembly
Regulator Assembly
Cranking Motor
Distributor Assembly
Wiring Installation
Trailer Socket
Head- and Blackout Light
Marker, Tail and Stoplight
Group 07 Transmission
Transmission Assembly
Transmission Sectional View
Group 08 Transfer Case
Transfercase Assembly
Transfercase Sectional View
Group 09 Propeller Shaft and Universal Joint
Front Propeller Shaft Assembly
Rear Propeller Shaft Assemby
Group 10 Front Axle
Front Axle Assembly
Steering Knuckle
Differential Sectional View
Group 11 Rear Axle
Rear Axle Assembly
Group 12 Brakes
Hand Brake Assembly
Wheel Brake Assembly
Master and Wheel Brake Cylinder
Brake System
Group 13 Wheels, Hubs and Drums
Front Wheel Spindle View
Wheel Assembly
Group 14 Steering
Connecting Rod Assembly
Steering Gear Assembly
Group 15 Frame and Brackets
Frame Assembly
Pintle Hook Assembly
Group 16 Springs and Shock absorbers
Spring and Torque Reaction Spring Assembly
Shock Absorber Assembly
Group 17 Hood, Fenders and Miscellaneous Sheet Metal
Hood, Fenders and Miscellaneous Sheet Metal
Group 18 Body
Body Assembly
Group 21 Bumpers and Guards
Bumpers and Guards
Miscellaneous and Accessoires
Miscellaneous and Accessoires
Standard Parts
Standard Parts