Dodge WC Parts

Here you will find all parts we have available for the Dodge WC Series Vehicles. The Dodge WC (also known as the Beep) had different models. There are the ½ ton, ¾ ton and 6×6 variations. The Dodge WC Series is made up of the following Models.

Dodge WC51 (Weapons Carrier)
Dodge WC52 (Weapons Carrier with Winch)
Dodge WC53 (Carryall)
Dodge WC54 (Ambulance)
Dodge WC55
Dodge WC56 (command and Reconnaissance)
Dodge WC57 (command and Reconnaissance with Winch)
Dodge WC58 (command and Reconnaissance Radio Vehicle)
Dodge WC59 (K50A Telephone Truck)
Dodge WC60 (Emergency Repair)
Dodge WC61 (Telephone Installation and Repair Truck)
Dodge WC62 (6×6 Personnel and Cargo Truck)
Dodge WC63 (6×6 Personnel and Cargo Truck with Winch)
Dodge WC64 (Knock Down Ambulance)

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